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The water pollution prevention and control plan is estimated to cost 2 trillion yuan
January 8, the ministry announced that begin to improve water quality in taihu lake, the main indicators of taihu lake eutrophication has significantly lower total phosphorus and total nitrogen, ahead of the 2015 water quality target of the national requirements.
Packing drinking water industry development in our country will face a big change
Held a few days ago, according to jinan on BBS "" 2015 bottled water industry development, according to the bottled water industry development of our country will face a new revolution, water enterprise production technology, management, concept model, and the" Internet + "with the improving of the people about the health and safety degree of consumption demands, will become the important engine to promote the development of packaging drinking water industry innovation. Water is the source of life. On the BBS, the personage inside course of study says, protect the water environment, the development and utilization of good drinking water, to ensure the safety of drinking water is the water companies and the whole society everyone's responsibility and moral duty. From river water to the well water, tap water, bottled water, so that the small packaging of mineral water, the modern people more and more high to the requirement of drinking water, health, natural, fashion, convenient gradually become the modern people's drinking habits, bottled water industry has faced a had to accept the new change. According to incomplete statistics, only in shandong province now has more than 700 bottled water companies, brand is numerous, but many existing production technology is relatively backward, the traditional management pattern, the phenomenon such as lack of scientific management, restricted the industry innovation and development. According to understand, the bottled water market is 7% per year growth, water companies profits fell by 10% - 10% a year, and another 80% stagnant. Management cost is high, the market factors such as rising cost has become a important problem facing common water companies. Packaging bottlers, distributors, and the relationship between the brands remains to be further scientific dredge, subdivided the responsibility. In recent years, social drinking water quality standards, production technology for packing, nutritional value, such as category price problem seriously. The BBS "fusion, development and win-win"