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It is expected to invest 2 trillion to water pollution control plan

CPPCC member, said zhou jian, the vice minister of ministry of environmental protection today, water pollution prevention action plan has been in the environmental protection department by an enlarged meeting of the standing review principle, and proposes the modification opinions, after that the review will be reported to the state council. For the market is expected to 2 trillion investment scale, zhou jian said that basic is the size, the count after the review, project docking to confirm. Analysis of the personage inside course of study, that's a impetus of social and market scale, will be far in excess of the amount of investment of several times.

Atmosphere the ten countries just fall to the ground, the water pollution prevention will also formally started. On February 13th, the water pollution prevention plan of action completed preliminary, the focus will be on the water and the pollution is a fundamental governance and regulation. According to the environmental protection is expected, the action of the total amount of investment will exceed 2 trillion yuan. This has been since the founding of the largest water pollution governance investment.

CPPCC member, said zhou jian, the vice minister of ministry of environmental protection today, water pollution prevention action plan has been in the environmental protection department by an enlarged meeting of the standing review principle, and proposes the modification opinions, after that the review will be reported to the state council. For the market is expected to 2 trillion investment scale, zhou jian said that basic is the size, the count after the review, project docking to confirm. Analysis of the personage inside course of study, that's a impetus of social and market scale, will be far in excess of the amount of investment of several times.

Atmosphere the ten countries just fall to the ground, the water pollution prevention will also formally started. On February 13th, the water pollution prevention plan of action completed preliminary, the focus will be on the water and the pollution is a fundamental governance and regulation. According to the environmental protection is expected, the action of the total amount of investment will exceed 2 trillion yuan. This has been since the founding of the largest water pollution governance investment.