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The water pollution prevention and control plan is estimated to cost 2 trillion yuan

January 8, the ministry announced that begin to improve water quality in taihu lake, the main indicators of taihu lake eutrophication has significantly lower total phosphorus and total nitrogen, ahead of the 2015 water quality target of the national requirements.

January 8, the ministry announced that begin to improve water quality in taihu lake, the main indicators of taihu lake eutrophication has significantly lower total phosphorus and total nitrogen, ahead of the 2015 water quality target of the national requirements. Previously, almost every year in May and November, the water quality of algae in taihu lake mood was particularly touched the hearts of people from all walks of life in taihu lake basin governance is protracted, costly, 8 years invested hundreds of billions of yuan of money, has completed the size of more than 10000 projects, is a key river basin " better late than never " governance model.

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