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Equipment Introduction

Split mounting-type sewage treatment complete equipment is a novel sewage treatment equipment for field assembling framework section bar, inner and outer wallboard and each unit facility. It is composed of equipment wall physical design, foundation design and supporting facility scarf design.
Changeable structure can be suitable for the shell assembly of various wastewater treatment process, the assembly volume can be from several m3 to thousands of m3. It can be widely used in the building and application of sewage treatment system.
Standard on-site consolidation is made via the bolting way with concise process, simple management and short construction period, its structural style can be suitable for various kinds of wastewater treatment process. Such as, A/O, A2O, biological contact oxidation process, MBR membrane process, biofilter, etc.

Features of equipment

(1) Raw materials saving attributes to the joint lapping of SMC mould pressing plate and pultrusion profiles, and the combined device formed via bolt connection. The use of computer aided design makes the overall design more reasonable, the usage of material saves more 40% than the metal welding equipment, the equipment weight is only 1/4 of the metallic equipment.
(2) Due to high strength and corrosion resistance, the service life of material is improved, and its service life can be up to 30 years above. Both ground installation and underground installation are available.
(3) Split mounting type structure has investment saving, short construction cycle, free from the limit of communication and transportation, random expansion, and freely disassembly, easy to be mounted.
(4) PLC remote automatic control, auto fault alarm and free from staff duty.

Hydrolytic acidification + catalytic oxidation technological structure

Hydrolytic acidification + MBR technological structure

Hydrolytic acidification + impulse type biological trickling filter technological structure

Split mounting type sewage treatment equipment physical design

Split mounting type sewage treatment equipment physical design