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Five-characteristic technique

1.Energy driving modularization

Wind energy and solar energy are adopted in new energy driving system as the main power source of sewage treatment system, and grid power is regarded as the auxiliary power source. Wind energy, solar energy and grid power are changed to electric energy to be stored in accumulator as the power source of the sewage treatment system, at the same time, direct current controls running system to create conditions for the equipment's remote control. At the same time, it also reduces cost and secondary pollution.


2.Remote control intellectualization

Remote monitoring system consists of three parts of wireless water quality data acquisition system, water quality data acquisition and water treating equipment remote monitoring, and the data transfer & processing system.


The system can achieve the remote data acquisition of water flow in equipment, pressure, temperature, PH, dissolved oxygen, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus, COD and other parameters (purposeful selection) and can deliver data to server for analysis process via software and decision providing.


3.Treatment process modularization

The way of changing the different combinations of various process modules is used to adapt different quality of sewage, give play to the advantages of different processes, customize processing scheme for customers, so as to ensure that the treatment to any sewage can be up to ideal effect.


4.Core organism immobilization

With biological treatment as core, physicochemical treatment way as supplementary and with integrated process as matching technology, the purpose of biologics is to develop the biosphere capable of efficiently degrading bacterial strains and widely integrating strains, it is assembled via culture of bacterium and screening, expanding test, combining porous gelling fixed supporting layer and adsorbed layer made of high-specific area inert material through acupuncture composite technology. Based on different water quality characteristics, blend different strains combination and make use of different domestication ways to prepare different biosphere module, according to difference of constituents of sewage, standard of controlling sewage and treatment capacity, carry out personalized allocation assembly to the biosphere.


5.System combinative integration

Mature wastewater treatment process is adopted to set up personal sewage processing module, so as to build personalized sewage treatment system. Multiple single equipment combinations are used for alternative feed-water to achieve continuity of wastewater treatment process.
The adjustment of equipment box structure not only can make the organism in box being up to optimization state, improving volumetric loading of equipment, but also can occupy less land area, reducing cost.