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The ecological floating island series products

Through the establishment of a plant ecological system on the water, combine the various aquatic, wet raw, terrestrial plants on the system, thus forming a relatively independent ecological system, to rebuild the water ecological system, maintain water ecosystem stability and keep the water clean, repair the harmonious habitat and reproductionof underwater creatures.
The floating island is composed of multiple independent floating units connected by by universal fittings of ecological planting as a carrier.Fixed device is fixed on the bottom of the water body. The floating plate and the hollow flexible pipes are floated on the upper end ofwater, with the application of ecological matrix fixation on life and cultivation of aquatic plants so as to purify the water. It also can absorb the organic matter in the water to achieve organic matter degradation, thus reduce organic matter and finally achieve the purifying effect. The top of aquatic are exposed above the water which presents a beautiful effect. At night, the LED duct is turned on through adjusting the controller, which also shows a kind of beauty.


The aquatic plant tray can purify water, maintain the ecological resources, and beautify the environment.And for hosting microbial medium effectively improve the ability of screening of strain with a good floating ability and strong adhesion.Universal fittings are resistant to corrosion with long service life, strong persistence, and stainless steel material with high intensity, simple structure, less build, low price, high flexibility, which overcomes the defects—a single direction of most connect fittings, with strong adaptability, applicable to the pool, channel, lake, water margin and other water bodies.Hanger has simple structure, easy to hang. It uses PVC floating as pipe material, and of low cost, strong persistence, adaptable, flexible construction. According to the specific situation on site, regulate the suspension unit number and device model, floating with the water level automatically so as to adjust the height. In this way, first, it can lift an increasing device with water contact area, secondly, the device is not affected by water depth of water level.


Number Name Model Material and Structure Functions
1 Jinzhi pure suspension device JZCJ-AF-I The PVC pipe includes an outer frame, a suspension tank and a floating pipe, which is connected in a row by a connecting member The device hanger for purifying water can adjust the count of suspended units and device models according to the specific conditions in the site
2 Jinzhi pure universal connector JZCJ-AF-II PVC material, with fastening connection; and through connection in the hole by a ring set. The ring is made of stainless steel It is a multi-functional connection part suitable for movable connection between pipes, with material corrosion resistance, long service life, strong persistence and strong adaptability. It is applicable to various water bodies such as pond, channel, lake, etc.
3 Jinzhi pure aquatic plant tray JZCJ-AF-IV PVC pipe, melamine foam, including water treatment framework, connected with floating parts in the top and the inside of the frame is provided with carriers for absorbing media For the treatment of lakes and rivers, it can purify water bodies, maintain ecological resources and beautify the environment
4 Jinzhi pure ecological floating island JZCJ-AF-V VC pipe, melamine foam, including water treatment framework, connected with floating parts in the top and the inside of the frame is provided with carriers for absorbing media It can absorb organic matters in the water and degrade them, to reduce the organic matters and purify them. The upper part of aquatic plants are exposed to the water, to play a beautifying role; during the nights, by adjusting the controller, open the LED tube belt, it can play a beautifying role