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1.Sewage treatment equipment( JZCJSTE Series )

The company's self-developed sewage treatment equipment (1T / D-1000T / D) is a high-tech product certified by Jiangsu Science and Technology Department. The products can be applied into rural domestic sewage, urban river, landscape water, urban industrial waste water and aquaculture wastewater, and mainly used for the wastewater treatment in gas stations, villages, hotels, airports, villas, playgrounds, living quarters and other residential places, the scale of treatment of which can vary according to the sewage composition, the flow of water, water discharge standards and available land area.


2.The main features of the equipment:

Drive energy portfolio
Intelligent remote control
Modular processing technology
Core biological immobilization
System integration

3.Equipment type and specification

Number Model Dimensions(m)
Length * width * height
Effective volume(m3 Processing capacity(m3/d)
1 JZ SH-DM-1T 1*1*1 1 1
2 JZ SH-DM-5T 2*4*1 8 5
3 JZ SH-DM-10T 2*4*3 18 10
4 JZ SH-DM-20T 2*4*3 18 20
5 JZ SH-DM-30T 2*4*3 18 30
6 JZ SH-DM-50T 3*4*3 22 50
7 JZ SH-DM-100T 5*6*3 50 100
8 JZ SH-DM-200T 6*8*3 68 200
9 JZ SH-DM-300T 8*10*3 100 300
10 JZ SH-DM-500T 10*12*3 140 500
11 JZ SH-DM-1000T 12*20*3 260 1000

Model Meaning:



4.Remote control intelligent system


The system consists of the following three parts: wireless water quality data acquisition system, water quality data collection and process monitoring of water treatment equipment, data transmission and processing system, all of which can achieve the remote data acquisition of large flow, pressure, temperature, PH value, Dissolved oxygen, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus, COD and other parameters (can be selected accordingly). After the data are transmitted to the data server, it is analyzed and processed and then provided with decision via software.